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OUGC Post Character Count Enhancement

The author is no longer providing support for this plugin on this website.

Strips HTML/MyCode/Quotes from being counted in the minimum/maximum characters per post verification process.

See requirements.

See installation instructions.

See update instructions.

OUGC Post Character Count Enhancement at GitHub

Download from the MyBB Mods page or from attached files.

Attached Files
.zip   OUGC-Post-Character-Count-Enhancement 1.0.zip (Size: 14.29 KB / Downloads: 142)
.zip   OUGC-Post-Character-Count-Enhancement-1.1.zip (Size: 16.29 KB / Downloads: 69)
.zip   OUGC-Post-Character-Count-Enhancement-1.8.0.zip (Size: 16.02 KB / Downloads: 128)
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