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Newpoints Buy Sticky

Here comes yet another Newpoints plugin from me. This time it is a small feature desired by some users which excitement comes to me to the way I implemented it into the core.

This not only requires the Newpoints core but the Shop 1.8 mod for it. If you had used this plugin before you may get the idea of the excitement I got from coding this small plugin. Never before the official Newpoints Shop plugin was capable of providing your users with dynamic items. Now it does.

This was a learning course into using the existing tools for when I write my other Newpoints, MyRPG.

Cheers and hope to read feedback for this.



There is one issue only, you need to manually add the template ATM because I'm too tired to code that now..
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I would love to add this plugin to my forums, but which part of the template do I need to add that code to?

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