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[$$$] NewPoints Modification Request

In short, I am looking to synchronise a plugin for MyBB known as NewPoints and a plugin for Garry’s Mod known as Pointshop. Both of these addons stores a user’s points – which they earn through a variety of different ways. The two plugins store the user’s points in MySQL – but the tables are kept in separate databases, which can be changed if required.

The goal of this custom plugin I desire is to allow the optional ability for users to upon registration, or via the userCP, to verify their personal Steam ID using the Steam Web API. NOTE: The SteamID must be gathered though an automatic process, the user shouldn’t be able to manually enter their Steam ID as it would allow forum users to link their accounts with somebody else’s Steam Account – effectively allowing them to steal somebody else’s points.

Once the forum user’s account is linked with their Steam ID, the points held within their NewPoints balance, and their Pointshop balance should be added together, so no points are lost after they have verified their account. NOTE: This means that a user may have a NewPoints balance, but not Pointshop balance or vice versa. These conditions must be handled appropriately and should not stop the system from working as intended!

This custom plugin must be created in such a way that it is highly unlikely to cause any future conflicts with various NewPoints plugins etc…

(Optional: I would like this plugin to be as future-proof as possible. For example, there should be functions to get a user’s SteamID etc… This is as I may want to expand on the Steam/Forum integration in the future.)
I'm willing to pay around $40 for this plugin Smile

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Sorry, I was no aware this section existed!

$20 will not cover the cost of this plugin.....

(02-24-2014, 02:23 PM)flexible Wrote: $20 will not cover the cost of this plugin.....
I've updated the thread and also doubled the approximate cost Smile

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