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MySubscriptions 2.3 released. MyAchievements 1.11 released.
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New MyBB Theme Forum

That's faster then you could click enter to go to the site.
[Image: screenshot20100728at238.png]
Join us today! Smile

The design looks alright, a bit to cheesy in my opinion.
[Image: rwamybbplugins.png]

It was a great idea to change the theme of the forum. It was more appealing to the viewers. This idea might be helping the community to be still alive with this forum.

Excellent Designs in my opinion. Keep up your great work and simply ignore those that don't like it. You will always get people criticizing your efforts and that's just part of life.


Wow. I am so impressed by your site. I really like the design. Give your site a favicon. Tongue

And, btw, it seems there's a link "Mod CP" beside "User CP", I think it would be greater without having that link for normal user. Big Grin

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