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MySubscriptions 2.3 released. MyAchievements 1.11 released.
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MyLife 0.5 Beta 1 preview! -- Beta testers required!!

What is mylife?
A module for MyPlaza 0.2.5 or higher that does this:
- You have happiness & health, based on your happiness you have a mood.
==> You can buy items to revive once dead/to get better
Each X hours it does this:
- The health of everyone minus X ( a setting )
After that it updates the mood + it does this mathematical formula:
- happiness = happpiness - (100-health)
Once you reach 0 happiness / health you die.

And to not die you have to buy food, toilet & buy friends

nag a person will remove someone's Happiness ( but you'll have to pay it ) and sometimes it fails and you lose your happiness ( + your money to pay it )

More ad-dons for this module will be created later on, once CORE is released publicly as STABLE.

- Shadows.

Registered, please active me in beta tester group:p

instead of buying friends how about adding them? like on vb it is befriend. idk what it is on mybb
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(09-22-2009, 11:33 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: If we knew, this discussion hadn't been started

^ Buddy list?

Anyway, I like it, but is that profile template able to move? I wanna have it on the right rather than the left... *Even though I don't have it yet*

But, I'm gonna be gone this next week so I'll check it out then Wink
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@E-T I can fix that up for ya if you wish.

Going to approve beta-testers.
- Shadows.

yes buddy list. but a link needs to be in the users profile to add them as a buddy (there may be one but i didnt see it). Shadows you think you could do this?
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(09-22-2009, 11:33 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: If we knew, this discussion hadn't been started

Also, is there an option to rename the foods and replace the images? I just don't want it all junk food... also, can I add foods?
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@Karoteater sorry I don't think I'm going to do this Sad.

@Elegant Totality,
the items are right in the admin panel, rename the name ( NOT THE ID - not sure you can edit that in acp though xD ) & change the image path and Voilà!

- Shadows.

What about adding items?
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Does this go with the MyRPG status? Like dead and alive? I don't want two deads, or two alive images on the profile or postbit.
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