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MySubscriptions 2.3.4 released.
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MyDonations 1.4

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Adds a donations goals system to MyBB (donations are processed with PayPal).

[Image: lU5NLGbs.png] [Image: dGpQe1ks.png] [Image: 6jHhDPCs.png]
[Image: ZXDfExUs.png] [Image: VNSSZ9Ks.png] [Image: 80yTvEzs.png]


- Ability to add Guests from the Manual Donation form in ACP.
- Ability to hide manual donations from the official list.
- Solved issues with MySQL STRICT

- Added a Manual Donation form to the ACP.
- IPN handler now compliant with future PayPal TLS changes.
- Fixed a few minor bugs and added some minor improvements.

- Fixed duplicate PayPal button.

- Added a new setting which allows admins to at certain pre-defined amounts to be donated, rather than a custom amount.
- Usernames are now properly formatted in the donors list.

Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.

Download is attached to this post.

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