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MyDownloads 3.0.1 released.
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MyAchievements 1.8.5

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Let your members fight for the higest rank!

My Achievements lets you setup various types of achievements that motivate your members to be more active.

Setup ranks according to achievements and users will definitely do their best to upgrade their rank.

The best of all: achievements are given automatically (except custom achievements)

[Image: jF9cjA2s.jpg] [Image: 6IAKyW9s.jpg] [Image: zLirvZZs.png]
[Image: kL9Ps1Ds.png] [Image: NJZ3gCOs.png] [Image: sRa0fsZs.png]
[Image: vDVC85ps.png] [Image: IyUB3qms.png] [Image: hWIphexs.png]
[Image: jliP6qRs.png] [Image: deYSjQKs.png]

Please read the documentation.

Our EULA can be found here.


.zip   My Achievements 1.8.5.zip (Size: 969.87 KB / Downloads: 125)

Change Log
- Fixed two minor bugs.

- Fixed filtering pagination bug.

- Added a setting which allows only to show custom achievements in the User CP.
- Added filters to the log page.

- All templates are now cached.

- Fixed an incompatibility issue with MyBB 1.6.6

- Fixed a typo in a language file.
- Fixed a bug that would "destroy" achievements when giving out a custom achievement to someone (this could be fixed by rebuilding).

- Users can now choose which achievements are displayed on profile and postbit.
- Improved performance on profile.

- Added "My Stats" to the menu in the MyAchievements page.

- Removed debug code I forgot in the task. (not a problem but it would end up filling the logs table with useless entries)
- Fixed some minor issues in Custom achievements.
- It is now possible to revoke an achievement given to someone. (added a new tab in the Custom Achievements page named Revoke)

- Fixed a problem in the task, it would increase ranks even if they required points achievements that users didn't have.

(for older versions, please read the changelog.txt file that comes with the zip)

Attached Files
.zip   My Achievements 1.8.zip (Size: 926.24 KB / Downloads: 148)
.zip   My Achievements 1.8.1.zip (Size: 927.5 KB / Downloads: 92)
.zip   My Achievements 1.8.2.zip (Size: 927.63 KB / Downloads: 93)
.zip   My Achievements 1.8.3.zip (Size: 928.57 KB / Downloads: 155)
.zip   My Achievements 1.8.4.zip (Size: 969.92 KB / Downloads: 186)
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