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MySubscriptions 2.3 released. MyAchievements 1.11 released.
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Many suggestions and questions. Please respond quickly

The first thing to say congratulations on all your plugins. I wanted to ask you some questions about Newpoints and I'm really lost and do not know what plugin installed. I need to meet these options and you would like to ask you since you do not speak English and I'm the translator. I find it very difficult to translate by myself all the issues and why I'm asking you, I wish I respond.

What features Newpoints store? It could do this:
  • Group subscriptions. A user would like to have as many points, you can buy a subscription so many days to a forum.
  • User groups Subscriptions: Same but with a user group. My forum is about a game and my talent would allow a user to buy advantages for your user ... Another thing, could have more than one subscription?
  • The user when buying the items, where are they kept? You would want that when you purchase an item has the option of putting it in the postbit for people to see. That is, you have 10 items, you can put an article of the 10 favorite and when you get tired you can put another favorite.
    I'd love to have this option, the item is put next to the user's picture. If you could put it in an upcoming update because I would love if not foolish purchase items if you can not take them and use them.

  • You could add an option to add an auction. I'll explain:
    The auction would be sold at the price you need to create an item you bought for 5 days for example. Appear in a section of the store with other items from other users. You can buy from other users and when you buy, you get your article and he gets the points.
  • Missions:
    It's hard to explain but for me it's a good idea: It consists of a section in the store are different objectives. For example:
    - Make 3 friends. 100 Points.
    On the right you appear to accept, when it would have to accept 3 users befriend you and show up the points. So the missions you want to add on, for example to make friends, messages, themes, get points ...
    When you do the mission that you appear as completed and would now give you your points. Not let you do the mission again and you could make from the admin panel missions for so long and if time passes away.

    Admin menu could go like this:
    - Name of the mission
    - Description
    - Points to get
    - Period of time

  • Products:
    It would be nice to add these options (if not added already, I do not know ..)
    1. That can put a limited number of items.
    2. That can be put in the time of sale of the item. Example would be unlimited up within a day that could not buy more.

That's it, I hope you read it has cost me a lot and I also answer questions. I'll put it also in the forum for me to respond to users.
Thank you very much for your attentionSmile

I wonder why you posted here and PM'd me as well?
Thread closed.
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