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Jquery Issues (Ps, I am not a allowed to post or Download)

Hi, First of all I am sorry that I am posting in here. But I was not allowed to post in the Other forums!

I am not able to post... I later tried to download something that was also not allowed! My account is activated.. I havent been here for a very long time after I changed from MYBB to vBulletin! Hopefully I can be set to at least comment or post!

Now about my ISSUE...
I have some Jquery problems and I cant seem to make it work. Eiither its because I have too many Jquery on my board or else I have to use a code to prevent it! I remember that I could add a simple line of code between my Jquery codes, I simply dont remember it and If I could get some help about what that line could be..

Thanks a lot in advance.....

Ps, To mods adn admins, Please activate my account for Posting and DOwnloadin.. Thank you

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