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MyDownloads 3.0.1 released.
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Help Center 1.5

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Help Center is a powerful and efficient help center for MyBB.

Managers can:
  • Browse opened and closed tickets
  • View tickets
  • Close tickets
  • Open tickets
  • View the support team (shows the list of groups that are managers and its members)
  • Create/Edit help documents
  • View help documents
  • Reply to tickets and delete replies
  • Delete tickets

Those with access to the admin panel can:
  • Create priorities
  • Create help categories
  • Create ticket categories
  • Change the settings if they want to disable or enable something

Regular users can:
  • Browse opened and closed tickets
  • View my opened and closed tickets
  • Reply to my own tickets
  • be PM'd when someone replies to a ticket
  • View help documents

there is a setting that makes it to send an email to a certain email address whenever a new ticket is submitted.
If this setting is enabled, the user is also requested to enter an email in case the support team wants to give further assistance through email.

Screenshots - from v1.0
- Manager
[Image: screenshot5q.th.png]
[Image: screenshot6y.th.png]
[Image: screenshot7j.th.png]
[Image: screenshot8xeb.th.png]
[Image: screenshot9t.th.png]
[Image: screenshot10.th.png]
[Image: screenshot11.th.png]

- Regular user
[Image: screenshot13.th.png]
[Image: screenshot12e.th.png]

- Admin
[Image: screenshot1s.th.png]
[Image: screenshot2n.th.png]
[Image: screenshot3foe.th.png]
[Image: screenshot4vzd.th.png]

Read the readme file.

Change Log
* 1.5
Fixed a few minor issues.
Fixed two pagination bugs.
Fixed a bug in deleting tickets (would not subtract one from the category tickets counter)
Added bread crumbs.
Fixed 3 possible CSRF vulnerabilities.
Now all templates are cached.
Changed license to GPLv3.
Compatible with MyBB 1.6 only.

* 1.4
Added edit documents feature.
Emails are not set to HTML so you can view tickets properly formatted from your email account.
Shows list of members that belong to managers groups in the support team page.
Added a few minor features that you probably won't notice.
Fixed a few minor issues.

* 1.3
Fixed a typo.
Fixed a bug that would display an error after deleting a document.

* 1.2
Fixed an error that would show up when creating a new help document.

* 1.1
Fixed a problem in view ticket
Fixed an email formatting bug.
Fixed a bug in close and open ticket links
Added online location
Managers can now delete tickets

Plugin is attached to this post.

If you find any bugs, please report them please. (if you're not a subscriber, fee free to PM me for bug reports, not for support)

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