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MySubscriptions 2.3 released. MyAchievements 1.11 released.
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Few questions!

Well how about integration with the arcade mod?

Actually that will be done for you! :yay:

3. As in you pay a certian amount of points every month to get put into a group e.g. VIP.
Like http://mybbsource.com/forums/thread-259.html

4. Is there any way of making it so it doesnt include quotes?

5. Any idea what to modify etc?

6. You can buy MYPS using this mod (Is it possible doing the same with Plaza?) http://www.mybbcentral.com/thread-1613.html

Damn you guys, I am not a machine! Plus I am not just a PHP coder but also a C coder. I still have to finish a program I made for the PSP.
I still have to make MyRPG and you are asking me if I can add more mods >.<
3. nope
4. no
5. yes but would need to test and can't do it at the moment.
6. no I will never do that with Turbo Tongue
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(12-22-2008, 08:41 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: Damn you guys, I am not a machine!]

but you're a beast. Tongue
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CO_ol agrees with PN... He isn't a machine! Tongue
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Pirata Nervo Wrote:IE6 is weird and sucks

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