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[Español/Spanish] Shop 1.7

*   NewPoints Shop plugin (/inc/plugins/newpoints/languages/espanol/newpoints_shop.php)
*     Author: Pirata Nervo
*   Copyright: © 2009-2012 Pirata Nervo
*   Website: http://www.mybb-plugins.com
*   Integrates a shop system with NewPoints.

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

$l['newpoints_shop'] = "Tienda de objetos";

$l['newpoints_shop_icon'] = 'Icono';
$l['newpoints_shop_categories'] = 'Categor&iacute;as';
$l['newpoints_shop_items'] = 'Objetos';
$l['newpoints_shop_buy'] = 'Comprar';
$l['newpoints_shop_price'] = 'Precio';
$l['newpoints_shop_stock'] = 'Valor';
$l['newpoints_shop_name'] = 'Nombre';
$l['newpoints_shop_description'] = 'Descripci&oacute;';
$l['newpoints_shop_myitems'] = 'Mis Objetos';
$l['newpoints_shop_items_username'] = '{1}\'s Items';
$l['newpoints_shop_send'] = 'Enviar';
$l['newpoints_shop_sell'] = 'Vender';
$l['newpoints_shop_infinite'] = 'Infinito';
$l['newpoints_shop_options'] = 'Opciones';
$l['newpoints_shop_quantity'] = 'Cantidad';
$l['newpoints_shop_limit_user'] = 'Limite por usuario';
$l['newpoints_shop_confirm'] = 'Confirmar';
$l['newpoints_shop_send_item'] = 'Enviar Objeto';
$l['newpoints_shop_send_item_username'] = 'Nombre';
$l['newpoints_shop_sell_item'] = 'Vender Objeto';
$l['newpoints_shop_yes'] = 'S&iacute;';
$l['newpoints_shop_no'] = 'No';
$l['newpoints_shop_view_item'] = 'Ver objeto';
$l['newpoints_shop_sendable'] = 'Enviable';
$l['newpoints_shop_sellable'] = 'Vendible';

// Profile
$l['newpoints_shop_edit_inventory'] = 'Editar inventario';

// Error messages
$l['newpoints_shop_invalid_item'] = 'Objeto inv&aacute;lido';
$l['newpoints_shop_invalid_cat'] = 'Categor&iacute;a inv&aacute;lida';
$l['newpoints_shop_outofstock'] = 'El Objeto que has seleccionado no est&aacute; a la venta.';
$l['newpoints_shop_not_enough'] = 'T&uacute; no tienes suficientes puntos para comprar el Objeto que has seleccionado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_inline_errors'] = 'Han ocurrido los siguientes errores:';
$l['newpoints_shop_inventory_empty'] = 'Su inventario est&aacute; vac&iacute;o.';
$l['newpoints_shop_selected_item_not_owned'] = 'No tienes el elemento seleccionado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_invalid_user'] = 'Has seleccionado un usuario inv&aacute;lido.';
$l['newpoints_shop_out_of_stock'] = 'Objeto no a la venta.';
$l['newpoints_shop_limit_reached'] = 'No puedes comprar mas objetos de este tipo.';

// Success messages
$l['newpoints_shop_item_bought'] = 'Has comprado correctamente el elemento seleccionado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_bought_title'] = 'Objeto comprado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_sent'] = 'Has enviado correctamente el Objeto seleccionado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_sent_title'] = 'Objeto enviado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_sell'] = 'Has vendido correctamente el Objeto seleccionado.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_sell_title'] = 'Objeto vendido.';

// Other messages
$l['newpoints_shop_no_items'] = 'No se encontr&oacute; ning&uacute; Objeto.';
$l['newpoints_shop_no_cats'] = 'No se han encontrado categor&iacute;s.';
$l['newpoints_shop_no_options'] = 'No hay opciones disponibles.';
$l['newpoints_shop_send_item_message'] = 'Introduce el nombre del usuario al que le vas a enviar el Objeto.';
$l['newpoints_shop_sell_item_confirm'] = 'Est&aacute;s seguro de que deseas enviar el Objeto "{1}" por {2}?';
$l['newpoints_shop_bought_item_pm_subject'] = 'Has comprado un Objeto.';

// Log
$l['newpoints_shop_purchased_log'] = '{1}-{2}-(primer n&uacute;mero = ID del Objeto, segundo n&uacute;mero = precio)';
$l['newpoints_shop_sent_log'] = '{1}-{2}-{3}-(primer n&uacute;mero = ID del Objeto, segundo n&uacute;mero = identificaci&oacute;n del usuario = nombre de usuario)';
$l['newpoints_shop_sell_log'] = '{1}-{2}-(primer n&uacute;mero = ID del Objeto, segundo n&uacute;mero = precio del producto que se a vendido a)';

// Statistics
$l['newpoints_shop_item'] = 'Objeto';
$l['newpoints_shop_username'] = 'Usuario';
$l['newpoints_shop_user'] = 'Usuario';
$l['newpoints_shop_price'] = 'Precio';
$l['newpoints_shop_date'] = 'Fecha';
$l['newpoints_shop_lastpurchases'] = '&uacute;ltimas compras';
$l['newpoints_shop_no_purchases'] = 'No se encontraron compras.';

// Private Messages
$l['newpoints_shop_item_received_title'] = 'Objeto recibido.';
$l['newpoints_shop_item_received'] = '{1} te ha enviado el Objeto {2}.';

// Profile
$l['newpoints_shop_view_all_items'] = 'Ver todos sus Objetos';
$l['newpoints_shop_user_no_items'] = 'Este usuario no tiene ning&uacute;n Objeto.';
$l['newpoints_shop_cant_send_item_self'] = 'No puedes enviarte este objeto a ti mismo.';


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How i can put this?

(04-26-2013, 09:38 AM)Gender Wrote: How i can put this?
copy and paste text tool (notepad++ is a good example) Save as "newpoints_shop.php"

and put in folder

[Image: glas.png]

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