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Displaying NewPoints in Preview Post window

I have updated the announcement.php file to handle the display of NewPoints; however, I have the same issue in the Preview Post window. It is displaying the _NEWPOINTS_ rather than the user points.

Is there an identified fix for this?

It is currently not supported, you will need some core edits to make it work.

Open 'ROO/inc/plugins/newpoints/core/hooks.php' and find:
PHP Code:
$plugins->add_hook('postbit''newpoints_postbit'50); // set priority to 50 

Add after:
PHP Code:
$plugins->add_hook('postbit_prev''newpoints_postbit'50); // set priority to 50
$plugins->add_hook('postbit_pm''newpoints_postbit'50); // set priority to 50
$plugins->add_hook('postbit_announcement''newpoints_postbit'50); // set priority to 50 

This should hopefully work.
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