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[Bulgarian/Български]MySubscriptions 1.0

*  MySubscriptions plugin (/inc/languages/bulgarian/mysubscriptions.lang.php)
*  Translation by WbDev
*  Author: Pirata Nervo
*  Copyright: © 2009-2011 Pirata Nervo
*  Website: http://mybb-plugins.com
*  License: license.txt
*  Adds a subscriptions system to MyBB.

* You are NOT authorized to share this plugin with ANYONE without my express permission.
* You MUST NOT give credits to anyone besides me, Pirata Nervo.
* You MUST NOT remove the license file or any conditions/rules that you may find in the included PHP files.
* The author is NOT responsible for any damaged caused by this plugin.
* By downloading/installing this plugin you agree with the conditions stated above.

$l['mysubscriptions'] = 'Моите Абонаменти';
$l['mysubscriptions_plans'] = 'Абонаментни Планове';
$l['mysubscriptions_none'] = 'Администраторът не е направил никакви абонаменти все още.';

$l['mysubscriptions_title'] = 'Заглавие';
$l['mysubscriptions_description'] = 'Описание';
$l['mysubscriptions_price'] = 'Цена';
$l['mysubscriptions_usergroup'] = 'Потребителска група';
$l['mysubscriptions_period'] = 'Период';

$l['mysubscriptions_additional_notice'] = 'Тази група няма да бъде основната ви потребителска група, но ще е допълнителна.';

$l['mysubscriptions_day'] = 'Ден';
$l['mysubscriptions_days'] = 'Дни';
$l['mysubscriptions_week'] = 'Седмица';
$l['mysubscriptions_weeks'] = 'Седмици';
$l['mysubscriptions_month'] = 'Месец';
$l['mysubscriptions_months'] = 'Месеци';
$l['mysubscriptions_year'] = 'Година';
$l['mysubscriptions_years'] = 'Години';

$l['mysubscriptions_success_title'] = 'Успешно абониран';
$l['mysubscriptions_success_message'] = 'Успешно се абонирахте за {1}. Благодарим Ви!';

$l['mysubscriptions_success_title_admin'] = 'Нов абонамент';
$l['mysubscriptions_success_message_admin'] = 'Успешно се абонирах за {1}.';

$l['mysubscriptions_empty'] = 'Не са намерени абонаментни планове,';

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You should probably include the admin translation too Smile But thank you!

Moved to 1.6 translations (created a new forum now)
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