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A little advice please

I have been looking at a shop and keep coming to your website but I cannot seem to find what I am looking for.

For clarity (If I may) I am an online car forum - I have Traders, these traders want to sell stuff on my website so I need a Shop, well the Shop Plugin I hhave at the moment is useless and therefore im looking for a more advance one.

If your plugins do what I would like then I would be more than happy to pay for the plugin and install it.

Is it possible if someone buys a product, that the proceeds go directly to the Trader, or does it have to come to Me and then I distribute it to the trader?

I look forward to your reply.

If you could also point me in the right direction of the correct plugins I will be very grateful

You could try MyDownloads. Edit the language files to change the name to something else and it should do what you want.

However, users must upload something when they post the "download". That's a requirement of MyDownloads.

Not sure if that suits you or not.
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